Slimming down after Christmas can also apply to your office!

Summer seems like a distant memory, Halloween has been and gone, and bonfire night is nought but a pile of ashes. But don’t feel down, Christmas is just around the corner, which can only mean one thing – excess! Let’s face it, we’ve probably started on the chocolates already.


Inevitably, New Year then tends to be a time when minds turn to streamlining. And the office is no different. Without noticing, a workspace can become weighed down with clutter. And stripping back and creating a more efficient personal space and layout can be surprisingly liberating.





What do I really need?

No spot is more important than your desk. Take a look around. Does it suit you? Or have you adapted to suit it?

What storage do you have – or is your entire desk used a dumping ground, by yourself and perhaps by others.

Just ask yourself what you really need. Is your desk design making you feel hemmed in? Day after day that can be damaging. A new workspace design can work wonders in terms of basic happiness and productivity.

Honestly assess your desk

Vale Office Interiors has a wide variety of desks that can help you make a fresh start in 2018. But before you choose, it’s important you take an open an honest look at your current workspace situation.

For instance, those six drawers, what’s actually in them? Anything important? Or the typical detritus of old paperwork and broken staplers?

Slimming down on design can be liberating. Take a look around your desk. Anything there you don’t use at least once a week shouldn’t be on it.

We live in a digital world

Similarly, in this digital world, do you need to be surrounded by drawers and filing cabinets? Probably not.

Put your office on a diet after Christmas and see what it can really look like.

For more advice about streamlining, please get in touch.

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