Storage: make sure your documents are safe post-GDPR

Businesses cannot have failed to have been, repeatedly, informed of the need to be GDPR complaint but the main focus was often on computerised data.

However, the stringent data protection policy also applies to paper files that carry identifiable personal data about individuals.

Some firms more than others have the need for this information, but all firms with employees will certainly be handling personal data.

The need to protect that in paper form is just as important as the need to protect digital data.

Is your office furniture secure enough for GDPR?

While ensuring the office is securely locked at the end of the day is only commonsense it might be worth considering if you need to introduce more lockable storage to prevent your firm being exposed to risk.

Old filing cabinets with missing keys and broken locks will not keep sensitive documents safe. Neither will slide shut doors – or even worse open desk top trays.

While this sort of office furniture serves a role in the day to day sorting and filing of documents, anything that holds a person’s personal data really needs to be stored under lock and key.

This includes customer contact details, supplier details and employment details. In the case of sensitive information relating to health, personal circumstances or grievance procedures this is even more imperative.

With a hefty fine – and a damaged reputation – being the consequence of failing to adequately protect the information under GDPR it makes sense to act sooner rather than later.

Update your office furniture with secure storage

Lockable office furniture comes in a variety of styles and sizes and can blend in with the look of your office. 

Desk drawers, modern filing cabinets, tall units and low cabinets can all be provided with locks allowing individuals to take control of their own security responsibilities as well as managers.

With under desk storage that is fitted with locks employees will be able to lock away valuables such as their laptops as well as personal details that they need to keep at hand.

Human resources records meanwhile can be secured in units with designated key holders.

Don’t be caught out by outdated office furniture make sure your storage solutions are secure enough to make your company GDPR compliant.

To find out what lockable storage solution will suit your needs contact Vale Office Interiors.

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