2017 office design trends to look out for

In the last ten years, we have witnessed significant improvements in the world of office design. Instead of the characterless and sterile office designs that many people have become accustomed to, business owners today can choose more relaxed office design that encourage creativity and collaboration.

Thanks to the emergence of new, more sophisticated design tools, experts are able to create workplace design that guarantees ultimate productivity and employee satisfaction. Let’s highlight some of the office design trends for this 2017 and see what we can all look forward to:


Design focused on wellbeing

Forward-thinking, modern business owners are concerned about the wellbeing of their employees. This is the reason why every office design today has their wellbeing in mind. By doing this, you will get happier employees which ultimately mean healthier and more productive employees. Special areas for cooperation and collaboration, areas for added privacy, sit-stand desks, lighting, increased comfort, better air circulation are just some of the things that will be included in office design for 2017.

Technology integrated into the office premises

Technology has a direct impact on business activities and that’s why many designers deliver solutions that integrate technology with the office space. Instead of wired charging of mobile devices and laptops, employees will get wireless charging. By implementing changes like this you will get more space, boost productivity and save money too.

Flexible design

Modern designers are well-aware of the fact that trends come and go. That’s why in 2017 we’ll be focused on creating flexible designs that will allow users to adjust to new trends and design needs. So-called desk pods, modular workstations and seats, acoustic elements, meet point tables – these are some of the things that will be popular in 2017.

Adding natural elements

People spend more and more time in their offices so it’s a good idea to bring the outside in. By adding some natural elements in the design like floral patterns, living walls, and natural flooring as well as plants, you should be able to add a touch of nature in every office and put a smile on your employees faces.

If you want to incorporate any of these ideas into your office for 2017, please contact us now. We’d be happy to help.


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