The importance of good office layout

The layout of your office can directly affect the performance of your employees. If you are thinking about office redesign, you should first take the nature of the tasks your employees conduct into consideration. If the office design is optimised, you can get a high level of functionality and comfort.

A good office layout is focused on creating groups of employees that share similar job responsibilities. For example, if you have employees that work on invoices, they should be placed close to the accounting department. Before you make any changes in the design, try to think about the groups of employees you can create. The basic objective is to make this space more convenient for everyone.
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A simple guide to buying office furniture


Most business owners agree that you shouldn’t skimp when are buying office furniture. Of course, this doesn’t mean that need to buy the most expensive pieces of furniture, but it definitely means that buying high-quality furniture is a must. Low productivity, too many sick days, bad image for your company – these are just some of the things that you can expect if you don’t have adequate furniture in the office. The following is a simple guide to buying office furniture that is worth considering.
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Designing a conference room – 5 things to avoid

It is very beneficial to have a conference room in your office space because in many cases, this specific room is the place where people share their ideas , get more involved in the business and are able to contribute their viewpoint. However, the design of this room can significantly affect the sharing of ideas and overall communication between employees and/or guests.

Although most conference rooms don’t look very complex, the truth is that designing or redesigning this kind of room is not an easy task. If you want to get the most from your conference room, you should be aware of these 5 things that can ruin its efficiency.
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The importance of office storage

Your office space consists of many different elements. In order to create a space that is visually appealing and practical, you must make a balance between each of these elements. In other words, you should not favour certain elements and neglect others. Office storage is a good example of this.

Not everybody realizes the importance of office storage. Without a good system this element of office space will make the office messier and very difficult to function effectively. So, every office storage system must be efficient and resourceful if you want to maintain good organization in your office.
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How to design an office with limited space

Office workers today tend to spend many hours at their desks which means that designing an efficient and productive office space is more important than ever. Unfortunately, this work space is usually limited but this doesn’t mean that the limited space should affect your work in a negative way. If everything is designed in the best and most logical way, business owners can expect high productivity and satisfaction among their employees. Here are some of the steps that can help you design an office with limited space.
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Office Design Trends Predicted To Be Popular in 2016

We are already well into 2016 but it is never too late to refresh the look of your office space with some of the trending office designs. This is what the experts are saying will be popular this year:

1. More natural lighting

We are living in a digital age, but this doesn’t mean that people have forgotten how beautiful nature is. As a matter of fact, nature is the number one inspiration for many designers. In 2016, just like in the previous year, business owners will be looking to get the best combination of natural lighting and easily adjustable artificial lighting. In order to control natural lighting you will need better curtains or better blinds. When it comes to artificial lighting, LED lights are a must. In addition, you can also look for some of the latest technological advancements in the lighting industry (smart lighting).
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How Your Employees Can Improve Their Office Space Set Up

Having a working space with good design and layout can significantly affect the productivity of your employees. This type of office space can also support their creativity. The good news is that making an office space that matches employees’ criteria and needs is simple. You will be surprised to hear that just a few simple changes can make such huge difference. Now let’s see how exactly your employees could improve their office space set up.

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5 ways design can improve the productivity of your office

The impact of office design on the peace of mind and productivity of your staff is more important than you think and it needn’t cost the earth to make a positive shift in the right direction. With a few simple design fixes in your office you will be pleasantly surprised at the affect it can have. Let’s take a quick look at the design tweaks you can make:

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