Boost staff productivity by shutting out noise with acoustic office furniture

An effective office needs the right conditions to work effectively and acoustics are a key element of this.

Sound can be disruptive to workers and hamper productivity and creativity – but noise is also a part of a busy and thriving office.

However, there are times when workers need quiet to read contracts, sign deals, make important calls or just to concentrate without interruption.

Businesses need to strike the right balance when installing an office and office acoustics need to be considered from the start.

As well as the potential effects of noise on staff productivity, office acoustics are sometimes a necessity when it comes to privacy.

Privacy in an open plan office

Open plan offices are very much the norm. Allowing people to operate in an open space without barriers is great for morale and communication.

While an open plan office encourages closer teamwork and company transparency the acoustics can be problematic.

There will be times in even the most open office environments when there is a need for privacy and quiet. When dealing with sensitive matters relating to human resources issues privacy is an absolute necessity for team leaders as well as senior management.

Providing a space where private matters can be discussed without being overheard is important when considering office design. Incorporating specialist acoustic office furniture will provide that quiet space without the need to build walls or accommodate individual offices.

How does acoustic office furniture work?

Acoustic office furniture is made from specialist sound absorbing materials, which teamed with a high-backed design shut out sound and create a private space.

Acoustic office furniture comes in a variety of shapes and designs depending on the requirements of your business. Choose from high-backed chairs for relaxed but private phone conversations, meeting booths or den workspaces where workers can get away from the din of the office.

As well as being highly functional in shutting out sound, acoustic office furniture looks good and brings a cutting edge design aesthetic to any office. This ensures a welcoming and comfortable place to sit as well as functional – and quiet – work space.

Help to cut stress and boost productivity in the workspace by installing acoustic office furniture to allow staff to achieve their full potential. Furniture and designs are available for all budgets and projects.

For more information on acoustic office furniture – the benefits and the options available– please contact Vale Office Interiors or call 01386 442244.

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