Seven ways to create a greener workplace

Whether you want to wave the eco flag, be environmentally friendly, or just want to upgrade your green credentials, concentrating on simple, but good quality strategies will reap rewards and get your company noticed.

And it’s hardly a new phenomenon. Businesses have been going green for many years now, but, just like everything else, it’s a topic that needs to be constantly monitored and updated.

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Open-plan offices vs. closed offices

Open-plan offices are always a very popular option because they provide good layout and long-lasting design. However, many companies today are converting their closed offices into open-plan offices, or making a combination of both worlds for best results. Each layout has their own positive and negative aspects, and some combinations and layouts can work well for some specific businesses, but will not work so well for others. Here are some pros and cons of both office styles:
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How to give your office a makeover

Companies that are looking for efficient and effective ways to boost their employees` morale should consider an office makeover. A workspace makeover is good for lifting spirits of the workers because it shows the employees that their needs are the company`s top priority. Here are some tips for creating a successful office makeover.
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How can design improve the productivity of an office?

cafe3There is no doubt that good, modern office design will have a direct impact on employee productivity and morale. Modern companies should do their best to identify the elements that affect the performance of their teams so they can optimize and simplify every single process. Numerous studies have shown that office design has an impact on employee well-being, health, and productivity.


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How Frequently Should You Upgrade, Update or Change Office Furniture?

Your office furniture says a lot about the type of business you are. If you are still using old and outdated furniture this may have an impact on the perception of your company as well as the morale and productivity of your employees. Modern business owners are getting more and more aware of the importance of creating a suitable work environment that includes the latest technological achievements and an environment that is pleasant, visually appealing and comfortable too. So, a contemporary, stylish, well-organised work-space can boost the productivity and morale in employees and tell the world that your business is here to stay. But how can you determine when your office furniture needs and upgrade/update?
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Modern office trends – Say goodbye to the cubicles

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions the office environment? If you are like most people, then you are probably thinking about long lines of cubicles and dozens of employees working on their computers and telephones in isolation.

For a few decades now, most offices were organised with small cubicles because this concept had proven to be effective even for small spaces. However, modern design and technology are changing these concepts and views and the office environment is starting to change. Let’s take a quick look at some of these changes.
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Making your office ergonomic

If you spend hours behind a desk and you have the wrong furniture, you run the risk of feeling back or neck pain and potentially developing longer terms problems. With proper, ergonomic furniture and good practice, you will be able to keep these problems at bay and have a healthy life in the office.

In order to remain healthy, every person that spends hours in front of a computer should be prepared to make some changes in their workspace. Here are a few tips:
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