Choosing Ergonomic Office Chairs

A lot of people spend up to eight hours of their work day sitting at their desk. Much of this time is spent in an upright posture that is most likely to add stress to the spinal column. So it is important to make sure that you use ergonomic office chairs to promote good posture. Acquiring an ideal office chair is a major step towards fighting backache and complications of the spine. When shopping for the best chair, you need to pick one that fits you well.

Today, there are different types of ergonomic chairs that are all great for an office setting. This gives you the opportunity to pick a chair that meets your personal needs. Keep in mind that locating a single type of office chairs that matches the needs of everyone is often an impossible mission and ideally, the chair that you buy should be your own choice in order to get the chair that fits your body best. On the other hand, there are features that can mean an ergonomic chair makes an excellent choice, regardless. Below are some features of an ergonomic chair that you ought to consider when buying office chairs:

 Adjustable Seat Height

Office chairs should be easily adjustable to fit different sitting positions depending on the height of your desk. Most chairs are fitted with adjustment levers or knobs that can be easily used to alter the seat height to the preferred height. In order to sit comfortably, you ought to be accustomed to a height that makes work comfortable for you. You should have your feet flat on the ground and thighs in a parallel position. Your arms should match the height of your desk in order to reach the keyboard and other office equipment easily. A  good chair should be easily adjustable to better fit a range of people.

A Comfortable Lumbar

Supporting the lower back is a great way of combating back pain. When shopping for an office chair then, consider buying one with a comfortable lumbar support that is well cushioned. Additionally, chairs with adjustable lumbar support are greatly recommended. In fact, this is one of the best types to buy if different people intend to use the chair. A bowed lumbar support that can be effortlessly adjusted up and down should make an excellent choice. Others can also be adjusted forward and backward to provide a comfortable posture for the lower back.

 A Bendable Backrest

Holding your back in one stiff position is not good for your back. You should be able to change your posture if you have a bendable backrest. A flexible backrest will enable you to sit in different positions that keeps your spine in a good position. This is the kind of chair that you need in order to avert back problems. The spinal column is one of the most important parts of your body and needs to be protected from unnecessary stress. Many people do not know that moving the back while in a sitting position helps maintain a healthy spine.

A Bucket Seat

A deep seat pan will make you feel comfortable and help you maintain an upright position. It should not be too wide as this will affect the possibility of using your armrests comfortably. It is recommended that you use a chair that is one inch wider on both sides of your hips. Additionally, be careful not to purchase an ergonomic chair with a long seat pan since this would affect your ability to learn comfortably against the back support. This is an important feature that should be looked be considered before making a purchase. Refrain from buying a chair with a tight fitting seat pan since this will restrict movement of your hips.

Comfortable Armrests

People differ in opinion when it comes to whether armrests are necessary or not. This is a feature that is worth considering at a personal level. If you need armrests then your primary consideration should revolve around comfort. They should be broad and cushioned to give your arms a great support. If you greatly fancy the idea of having fabulous armrests then you should consider acquiring a chair that is fitted with armrests that can be adjusted to different heights. Some chairs also have armrests that can be moved closer together or further apart from one another, allowing for a range of body sizes and shapes.

Seat Adjustment Mechanism

Sitting down in the same posture for many hours is practically impossible. This is why ergonomic office chairs have inbuilt adjustment knobs for altering the position of the seat pan, armrests and backrest. Not all chairs work using the same mechanism so you have the opportunity to pick the one that works best for you. Mostly, these chairs are controlled by levers that you can easily manipulate whenever you are making an adjustment. Just like the armrests, you should consider buying a chair where the adjustment mechanisms are simple to learn.

The Ability to Rotate

Buying a chair that can easily turn is an added advantage. Being able to turn your chair 360 degrees provides a greater level of convenience whenever you need to face another direction. You’ll save yourself a lot of effort with this kind of chair since you will not have to put too much effort into turning. Furthermore, you should be able to reach everything on your desk without straining. When it comes to the base of your chair, you ought to get a chair with at least 5 legs fitted with castors that turn well on the surface you will be based on.

Type of Chair Covering

Ergonomic office chairs can be covered using different materials. Currently, there are two popular coverings that include vinyl and cloth. Vinyl coverings easily heat up and may cause discomfort where sweat accumulates. On the other hand, the major benefit of vinyl coverings is that they are easy to clean and resistant to stains and discolouration. Cloth covered seats are currently very common, though they are not as easy to clean and are generally less resistant to wear and tear. The best coverings are those that are easy to clean and maintain.

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