Why it important to consider acoustics in office interior design

The way that an office looks not only sends a message to the outside world but also to the workers within, which makes office interior design an important consideration.

As well as the functional aspect of the furniture and storage areas, creating a particular ambience will contribute to the ethos of the company.

For example, if tradition and family values are important, or the firm has a long and rich heritage, you may want to reflect this in office interior design that achieves a classic look. Dark or natural-looking woods, red or black furniture and carefully considered prints or paintings all lend themselves to a classic office interior design.

Making a statement with office interior design

For a modern, cutting-edge company working in a newer industry, clean lines and a streamlined look with hints of home comforts will lend a contemporary feel to office interior design. Furniture such as stools, benches and sofas can be added in to foster a creative and relaxed feel while breakout areas can be more heavily incorporated into the layout. 

Office interior design is an excellent way to add continuity of branding through colour schemes and office interior design flourishes that brighten up the workspace.

Seating that ties into the colour of a company logo for example, will appear on message, helping to create a corporate, branded look in the office, which in turn will foster a sense of trust and reliability in potential clients.

As well as appearance, office interior design must consider function. Desks have to accommodate workers’ needs, seating needs to be comfortable and practical and there needs to be adequate storage.  

Acoustic office furniture: A stylish solution to sound

The office interior design must also consider sound and how to achieve the ideal acoustic balance. While open plan offices look stylish and encourage communication, there are times when employees need quiet – whether this is to concentrate, take phone calls or to talk in private.

With a number of options to control sound in the office it is easy to find an acoustic solution that will fit in with your office interior design.

More traditional offices may well have separate rooms that can be made use of, while an open plan office can achieve the perfect balance through the use of acoustic office furniture.

One of the great things about acoustic furniture is that it looks great, as well as blocks sound. Ocee acoustic furniture, for example, allows stylish ‘Dens’ to be added to an office either as individual workstations or in an informal dining-style ideal for meetings.

These can be easily refigured should you chose to alter the design of your office and can be shaped to add a design element within the office.

Through careful consideration office interior design can be used to strengthen branding, lift the atmosphere and improve privacy through acoustic furniture.

For advice on planning your workspace and including acoustic office get in touch with Vale Office Interiors.

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