Contemporary office design: Leading trends for 2020

The message your office design sends out is important to workers as well as clients who will want to see that you have your finger on the pulse.

Contemporary office design is much more than having a flash office that is designed to impress. While there may be an element of that when it comes to winning over new business, the most important aspect of office design is getting the job done and doing it well. 
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Attracting – and retaining – the best staff can be down to the working environment provided and with an increased focus on wellbeing and the office being a second home of sorts, contemporary office design needs to account for this. 

With this in mind, many of the key trends for contemporary office design in 2020 build on the integration of enjoyment and productivity. 

Office furniture trends for 2020

  1. Inclusivity

The best way to move forward and grow is to be accepting of the differences between us. The modern office space recognises the need to cater to different personalities to help boost productivity. 

Sectioning office furniture off in such as way that is a radical departure for set departments allows contemporary office design to incorporate this through private working areas, ‘huddle spaces’, open plan working and private meeting hubs.

  1. Wellbeing

Worker wellbeing should be a priority to help nurture and support a healthy, happy and productive workforce. Calming colour schemes, optimising natural light, offering workout spaces and quiet areas will all help in creating an environment that eases the mind and assists focus.   

  1. Privacy

Open plan offices have been hugely popular though the past couple of decades, which is great for teamwork and communication. However, the need for privacy and quiet to focus on work can be overwhelming to some employees. Introduce balance to your workplace with office furniture that offers a break from the hustle and bustle of the main office with hubs, high-backed acoustic seating and screened zones

  1. Resimercial

This continues to be a major trend in contemporary office design, where the workplace marries together the comfort of home in a commercial setting. Think sofa-style seating, low tables, booths and cosy kitchens with accessible bar seating. 

  1. Flexibility

Technology has given many people the ability to work flexibly – as long as they have a computer and an internet connection the world is their oyster. Contemporary office design can still tap into this trend by enabling employees to work flexibly in the office rather than remain seated at a desk all day. Bar-style desks in canteens, outdoor working areas, informal lounges or an area where people can stand and work will bring this flexibility into the office. 

  1. Bright colours

As in fashion, clashing bold colours will also find a welcome audience in the workplace. As people look for something a little brighter in their work – and their world, provide it through your office design and make it a welcoming environment for all. 

For help updating the design of your office or to incorporate new office furniture, including acoustic seating, standing desks and bar-style work areas contact Vale Office Interiors.

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