Create a creative space with design-led office furniture

Creativity in employees is a strength that helps to propel a business forward and seize new opportunities but nurturing an environment where creativity can thrive needs to be carefully thought out.

Tech industries in particular have shown that creative thinking really can go a very long way. Developing ideas for apps, websites and gadgets requires a huge amount of creativity and those tasked with this need the space to think and plan.

While traditional creative roles such as graphic designers, architects and advertising agencies are more often aligned to a more fluid style of working, more businesses now recognise that a creative approach can bring real benefits.

Time to get creative with office furniture

What does this mean for office space? Well, a greater sense of freedom and comfort is a good place to start.

While some big name tech companies are known for stocking working environments with consoles, pool tables, bikes and bean bags there is a simpler option.

A good place to start is to consider introducing an informal space where employees can go to have a break from their desk and where they can discuss ideas informally with colleagues.

Comfortable sofas arranged around a low coffee table can be added to break out areas, receptions or even corners of the office for staff to mull over new ideas or even take their laptop for a change of scenery.

Bar-style office furniture is another great option for encouraging creative thought and input. Adding a deck-style desk to break-out areas that employees can choose to work at while enjoying a coffee provides the change that those stuck on an idea might just need.

Benches can be a resourceful way of encouraging a feeling of community through the use of office furniture, providing both a good hot-desking solution and an informal environment or staff meetings to discuss new ideas.

Add a creative space to your office

It’s not just comfy sofas that can be the change that staff need to boost their creativity – stools, design-led furniture and even rocking chairs will bring that little something different to the office that could trigger a shift in thought.

A change in environment could be all that is needed to bring the change in thought that leads to the next great idea.

Give your staff the chance to switch working environments – and switch up their creativity – by bringing choice through carefully selected office furniture.

To open up a creative space in your office get in touch with Vale Office Interiors Ltd to find the office furniture to match your vision.

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