Creating Unique Office Spaces

Whether you’re looking for some really funky office furniture for a large office space or on the look out for individual statement pieces that will make an impact then we can help.

Creating unique office spaces is about challenging the norm when it comes to office furniture, it’s about thinking outside of the box….or the workstation, and allowing your staff to mingle, interact, and collaborate; it’s about making meeting rooms more exciting to be in and being motivated by the wall art around you; and it’s about making the office an attractive and stimulating place to be. Vale Office Interiors can help you achieve these things and more.

Change The Dynamic…

By creating office spaces that are vibrant, colourful and exciting, you immediately change the atmosphere and dynamic in the room. This can help to encourage more involvement and improve communication with your staff.

When planning an office space it’s also important to think about relaxation areas as well. Rest areas, breakout spaces, cafes are all key parts of the office environment and they need to be spaces where people can relax, chill out and take time to reflect. With good design and the right furniture, you can make these spaces become an integral part of the overall space.

Get Inspired…

It’s amazing how the impact of your office design and the type of furniture you have can make your workforce more comfortable, productive and happy. Ultimately this leads to better staff retention, improved loyalty and more positivity.

You have an opportunity with your office space to create something really unique and we would be delighted to help you achieve this. For inspiration, ideas and a new way of doing things, give Vale Office Interiors a call now. We look forward to hearing from you…


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