Creative and Awesome Tips to Design Your Office

Many of us spend a lot of time in the office so it makes sense to make it a place where people like to be, to enjoy the vibe and be more productive.

Office environments which promote collaboration are high on the agenda for many companies as is creating the space for people to be more creative in what they do. With that in mind, here are some creative and awesome tips to design your office:

Injecting Colour – Banish those corporate blacks and greys and inject some bold reds, oranges, purples and yellows! Studies have shown that colourful fun environments stimulate more creativity, make people happier which, in turn, increases productivity.

More Mobility – Stand up desks, stools and standing height tables encourages people to move around the office and work in different areas. Flexible seating and more standing options help people to get a bit more exercise and meet up with colleagues easier.

Creative Breakout Rooms – Rooms where people can take a break, have lunch, read the papers or listen to a bit of music can provide that much needed space for people to break away from the stress for a while and get some perspective. Once again, these are also great spaces for impromptu meetings and collaborations to take place.

Exciting Wall Art – Break up the walls with interesting and exciting wall art; the kind of art that creates thought, causes a reaction, and gets noticed. Wall art can be great talking points with visitors and can also be a source of inspiration

Let There Be Light – The more natural light you can have in your office, the happier people will be. Make the best use of the natural light you have available and if you’re lucky enough to have a balcony or roof deck, make sure that you can these as additional office space when the weather is good.

Go Retro – If your office is very hi-tech then it can create an interesting spin to go retro on some of your furniture. For example, instead of a notice board, use a chalk board that people can write on or maybe use some retro lamps on modern desks. This will give the office an eclectic, off-beat look which will generate interest.

There are many way that you can make your office look cool and a bit different from all the rest. If you would like some advice on office design from our office design consultants and want to achieve a look that will make you stand out then please give us a call.

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