Designing a conference room – 5 things to avoid

It is very beneficial to have a conference room in your office space because in many cases, this specific room is the place where people share their ideas , get more involved in the business and are able to contribute their viewpoint. However, the design of this room can significantly affect the sharing of ideas and overall communication between employees and/or guests.

Although most conference rooms don’t look very complex, the truth is that designing or redesigning this kind of room is not an easy task. If you want to get the most from your conference room, you should be aware of these 5 things that can ruin its efficiency.

Using technology that is too complex

There are many technical gadgets and devices that can contribute to the unique experience we have in conference rooms, but using technology that is mastered only by one or two team members is not a good idea. The technology you use must be intuitive and utilised by every participant.

Inadequate screen dimensions

In the past, conference rooms were used only for physical meetings, but today they are the place where many virtual meetings happen too. So, the video screen that you use must be clearly visible to the people who will be inside this room, but this screen should also be big enough and positioned well to enable online conference interaction.

Too much light

If the lighting you use is too strong, the people inside the conference room will lose their energy fast and some of them may even become a bit irritable! Luckily, there are many different lighting options to choose from. Stick to the ones that create a pleasant and conducive atmosphere.

Inadequate furniture

A conference room requires special furniture adequate for the purpose of this room. Opt for highly adjustable furniture because this room will be visited by people with different weights and heights. Consult your employees about the type of chairs they prefer.

Lack of storage space

If you want to have successful meetings, you will also need to make room for storage items too. Make sure that there are enough cupboards and cabinets in your conference room.

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