Westwon Limited is a UK based business focusing solely on fit-out and furniture within the leasing sector.

We understand how crucial it is for a business to be able to finance the right equipment in order to ensure long term growth.

At Westwon, we believe that with our extensive knowledge in corporate furniture financing, along with our experienced team can provide an excellent service for you. We hope that we’ll be able to help with whatever finance need you may have.

Why lease?

Take advantage of significant tax benefits

Leasing your new office furniture can be very tax efficient as well as improve your company’s cash flow situation. So how is this possible? In simple terms, lease payments are categorised as operating costs and as a result are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits when compared to the limited percentage you can offset for capital allowances.

Your Account Manager can provide specific illustrations to demonstrate the tax savings of lease furniture for further clarity.

Financial flexibility

We are furniture leasing experts and can advise you on the most flexible options and payment structures available. With a variety of financing options available, we hope to find you a manageable payment schedule that complements your cash flow and financial projections.

Pay while you use it

It’s important to have everything you need in order to start your business on the right footing. Our business furniture leasing agreements enables you to get set up and operational quickly.

Make budgeting easier

The common phrase of ‘cash is King’ runs true for new businesses that are conscious of a healthy cashflow forecast. Office furniture leasing can help with cashflow by paying VAT as each payment falls due. This benefits a business more than a conventional outright purchase where VAT is paid upfront.

Effectively, you pay your VAT in instalments which breaks down the payments into smaller amounts enabling a cash flow benefit to your business.

Protect your cash flow

When you’ve just started your business, you need to protect your cash flow whilst also getting the equipment you need without a hefty deposit. We don’t ask for major upfront costs or cash outlay; your payment schedule is broken down into simple monthly payments with no hidden costs.

Why WestWon?

· Get a decision within 48hrs
· Industry Leading Rates From 2.5%
· 95% Acceptance Rate
· 5* Customer Service
· Grow with a climate positive company
· Your own dedicated account manager

I’ve just gone into business, can I set up finance?

Our finance is secured against the asset which means that we can help lots of start-up businesses. We may need some additional information from you as part of your application, and we’ll work hard to get you our best possible credit agreement.

How long can I lease over?

Our leasing terms are flexible to suit your needs; ask your dedicated Account Manager for full details on terms.

Can the facility be withdrawn?

If you continue to maintain your payment schedule, the facility cannot be withdrawn.

Can I settle the agreement early?

In most cases, this is possible. We can often provide favourable terms for settling your agreement early, simply contact your Account Manager who will be happy to provide your settlement terms.

Why should I lease through Westwon and not my bank?

Having a financial agreement with your bank doesn’t always result in the most competitive rates. As banks make the majority of their profits from commercial clients, they may not be willing to offer you better deals.

Even if you think you’re getting a good deal, consider testing out the market; we can quickly establish if you’re eligible for a better deal.