Find space to make staff assessments private with acoustic office furniture

Workplace assessments are an integral part of office life and vital to keeping a motivated and efficient workforce.

To conduct a thorough assessment or appraisal though the setting needs to be right with privacy essential to open communication. It can be tricky to find an ideal space to sit down with a member of staff for an assessment in an open plan office – and with open plan working very much the norm this is a widespread issue for managers.

To allow managers to communicate clearly, and for staff to feel they have been heard and listened to, offices need to incorporate areas of privacy. While space can be at a premium in offices there are still a number of solutions that can make a private meeting space easy to attain.

A simple solution is to screen off part of the office and add comfortable seating that will allow both parties to feel at ease during work assessments. The screen will bring the privacy that is essential to allowing an open discussion – and will also send out a ‘do not disturb’ message.

Workplaces wanting to give staff a guarantee of privacy may want to opt for an acoustic office solution.

Use acoustic office furniture to create privacy

Specialist chairs, screens and booths that trap in the sound thanks to their acoustic make up are a fantastic addition to an office in need of a private meeting place. Tall chairs can provide a contemporary private space where assessments can take place in comfort for a more informal and relaxed approach.

Or booths complete with tables can be used for a more structured assessment with the conversation still being protected thanks to the acoustic design. Alternatively, for a more traditional, sealed off private assessment, acoustic screens will bring a higher level of privacy for workplace appraisals.

Tailored designs  

Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs, acoustic office furniture can be tailored to the needs of your office.

Whether it is an open plan office desperately in need of a private meeting space, or a larger office that would benefit from the provision of additional meeting rooms there is an acoustic solution to fit.

Don’t let staff assessments fall short of expectations due to a lack of privacy, choose acoustic office furniture that makes meetings discreet and simple.

For more information on acoustic office furniture contact Vale Office Interiors.

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