Five ways to improve your office design in Birmingham

A good layout will make sure that you get the most from your office space – and as a result the most from your staff.

Creating an inviting and welcoming office space will go a long way to encouraging a positive and co-operative approach from your workforce.

As well as being mentally uplifting a well chosen office design in your Birmingham business will improve functionality.

If the right equipment and furniture is in the right place, it makes doing everything a lot easier.

Disjointed departments and mismatching furniture can actively delay staff while a carefully thought out office design in your Birmingham business will simplify, and as a result speed up, processes.

Here are five changes you may want to consider when updating your office design in Birmingham:

Introducing meeting areas

Is your office fit for purpose? Growth may mean that you have more clients visiting your office. Adding a new meeting area could be easier than you think with hub-style office furniture and acoustic seating. These provide a contemporary solution when space is at a premium.

Upgrading desks

Big, bulky desks could be taking up valuable space and keeping workers at arm’s length when a more streamlined desk would provide all the space needed and allow more dynamic interaction between workers. If greater co-operative working is an aim, bench-style desks set out in an open plan office design could make this a natural development. Consider if the desks you have compliment that office that you want to create.

Enhancing privacy

Discreet phone calls, workers dealing with sensitive information or problems with office noise could lead to a need to improve the privacy of certain areas of the office. Adding screens to your office design can help to bring a balance between co-operative working and the need for privacy in your Birmingham office.

Improved seating

A healthy worker is a happy worker, and with back pain a major gripe among office workers, upgrading office seating could be a priority in boosting morale. If you want to bring a more contemporary office design to your Birmingham business there is a wide variety of seating options that will look fantastic.

Realigning departments

Rethinking office dynamics could help to bring a fresh approach to working relationships in the office. Consider the design when mulling over how to improve working relationships in your Birmingham office. Moving departments around could help to bring a fresh perspective.

Vale Office Interiors can carry out site visits to help you work out the best office design for your Birmingham business and advise on which furniture to choose.

Contact Vale Office Interiors to update your office design and furniture in Birmingham.

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