Give your office a fresh start with a spring shake-up

The expression ‘a change is a good as a rest’ can really ring true and refreshing your office furniture could be all it takes for an upsurge in staff motivation.

It is not only holidays that can deliver a boost in mental positivity, that lets you head back into the office after seven days with a renewed ‘can do’ approach and a list of new ideas.

A simple break in routine can often also spark a new perspective whether it is getting into the office earlier, starting walking at lunch time or redesigning your office space.

How a redesign could benefit your office

Moving around the office furniture and making updates where needed may initially appear a little time consuming but it could bring a host of benefits.

These include:

  • Moving workers unhappy with the location of their desk
  • Encouraging different employees to work together
  • Considering which teams could benefit from closer contact
  • Conflict resolution
  • Making better use of the space
  • Introducing new meeting hubs

Managing staff can be tricky in accommodating likes, dislikes and, unfortunately for some, dealing with disruptive workers.

Many offices will have dealt with juggling the temperature demands of members of staff – for some it is always too hot, while at the same time a different member off staff will complain of the cold.

Then, while great friendships can be forged at work and socialising enables better team-work, constant disruption can be difficult for some members of staff.

Redesigning the desk layout of an office is a good way to deal with day-to-day problems and bug-bears without causing unnecessary upset or appointing blame.

If there are genuine discrepancies in the airflow or temperature around the building it could be worth altering the layout to avoid the problem areas, while subtly rearranging the office could tackle individual conflicts.

Encourage better teamwork  

Do you find that members of one team constantly need to walk to the other side of the office to check orders or confirm appointments? Or do staff have to shout across the room to check dates and information? A rethink on the layout of the office could save time and boost productivity for those teams affected.

Consult managers on changes they would like to see and, if possible, consult staff on the changes. After all if everyone is involved they should feel more positive about the change.

Also use the exercise to double check that the needs of the office are being met. Is there a spare desk for contract workers? Are bundles of papers lying around in need of a filing cabinet? Do workers complain of a lack of privacy when meeting clients?

Work out if you could make more of the space you have by rearranging desks and existing storage. Replace office furniture that is no longer used by equipment that would be useful; for example empty desks could make way for a meeting hub.

Rather than see issues around the layout of the office furniture as problems embrace the idea of change and get your staff on board to inject some added positivity into the office environment.

A fresh start could be just what is needed to deliver new ideas, boost productivity and resolve conflict.

To add new desks, a meeting hub or extra storage to your office contact Vale Office Interiors.

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