How can design improve the productivity of an office?

cafe3There is no doubt that good, modern office design will have a direct impact on employee productivity and morale. Modern companies should do their best to identify the elements that affect the performance of their teams so they can optimize and simplify every single process. Numerous studies have shown that office design has an impact on employee well-being, health, and productivity.


Even though there are many people who believe that an office is just a simple space/area where a group of people conducts specific tasks, there are many small (and big) things that can affect the office dynamic.

A well-planned, modern, integrated office design will boost productivity. In addition, things like furniture, lighting and architecture and even the organization of desktops will have an impact on the overall performance. Here are three key areas to look at:


The most important thing about desktops is to keep them neat and organized. For instance, they should have enough space for employees to store items in cupboards and/or drawers. In addition, keeping the documents in folders that are easy to find is always a good idea. The desktop and workspace around it should fit seamlessly into the office space and make the best use of it.



The main objective of ergonomics is to enhance the specific conditions in which employees conduct daily activities. This is very important for the health of your staff. If you are not taking care of ergonomics in office design then your employees may experience problems with their backs, joints, wrists and hands. Forward-thinking companies place ergonomics at the top of their office design and furniture agenda.


Office environment quality

There are many things that affect office environment quality. For instance, you should use adequate ventilation systems to improve thermal comfort and indoor air quality. LED lighting and increased use of natural lighting is also a good idea. Additionally, you must take acoustics and noise, interior distribution and active design into consideration too.
By implementing all (or some) of these changes, you will notice improvements not only in productivity but in other components that will make your business more successful. For more advice, please contact us now.



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