How height adjustable desks could help to tackle health concerns

Concerns over the effect a sedentary lifestyle can have on the nation’s health are well documented but evidence is increasingly suggesting that sitting for long periods of time is bad for people.

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With millions of people employed in office jobs that make sitting at a desk necessary this is a real concern.

While encouraging staff to get out for a walk at lunchtime and to take screen breaks will go some way to help, the fact remains that many people spend at least 7 hours sitting at a desk every day, five days a week.

Just as ergonomic desks and seating have been introduced into office furniture to help employees suffering with back complaints and RSI, adjustable desks are now available for workers concerned about the amount of time they spend sat down.

Why is sitting down a risk to health?

The NHS states that excessive sitting has been linked with weight problems and type 2 diabetes. This is due to the fact that long periods of time spent immobile slow the metabolism affecting the body’s ability to break down fat and regulate both blood pressure and blood sugar.

Clearly it is not only work that plays a part in this – going from the office to the car to the TV screen is the pattern that is truly damaging.

However, employers wanting to ensure the wellbeing of their workers may want to consider introducing ‘standing desks’ where workers are able to stand while they work cutting back on the amount of time they spend sitting down in the office.

Height adjustable desks

The best solution to give workers the opportunity to sit is a height adjustable desk that allows employees to choose whether to sit or stand while they work.

The flexibility of movement is enabled by simple controls that allow the height of the desk to be adjusted either manually or by using a touch pad.

Height adjustable desks can be easily incorporated into the office environment with a number of options available. Cable tidies also help to avoid any complications due to movement.

Wellbeing and loyalty in office furniture design

A happy workforce is a productive and loyal workforce, this should make health and wellbeing a priority in office furniture design.

Height adjustable desks could make a major difference for some employees – and could hold sway with health-minded potential job candidates.

Make your office furniture fit for the challenges of modern living by including height adjustable standing desks.

For more information on sit/ stand height adjustable desks contact Vale Office Interiors.

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