How office pods can help when planning office space

The need for privacy while maximising office space can be a real challenge but introducing office pods into your planning can help you achieve the balance that you need.

An innovation perfectly matched to the modern open-plan workplace office pods can provide the break from the hustle and bustle of the office that workers sometimes need for business reasons – or just for peace of mind!

As office space can often be at a premium, finding areas to zone off for private meetings can prove impossible. Even if you are blessed with a larger floor space the cost of putting up walls and building integrated offices can often be prohibitive.

Easily added to any workplace, office pods bring a number of benefits to the workplace, which makes planning office space that is fit for all purposes easier.

How office pods help when planning office space

Meeting space

Finding meeting space in an office can often be a challenge, particularly if more than one meeting space is needed at a time. When planning office space adding one or more office pods will allow this to be built into the layout. Rather than trekking to difference departments or even buildings for meetings, office pods allow meeting space to be planned into your work area.


Privacy can be a real issue in an open plan office. While communal working areas bring many benefits there are times when workers will want to make private phone calls, discuss discreet matters with a client or just need to get away from it all to concentrate. Incorporating office pods when planning office space can include bringing in areas that are designated privacy zones.


One of the most appealing features of office pods is their flexibility. Rather than adding dividing walls to your office that will remain even if they are no longer suited to purpose, office pods allow flexibility when planning office space as they can be relocated.

Choice of size

The design of office pods and acoustic furniture allows private meeting areas to be created in all shapes and sizes – either for just a couple of people or to accommodate larger meetings. Some designs even have the option to expand by adding new office pods together.

Ideal for team discussions

It is not only privacy that can be a problem when planning office space – noise can be a serious distraction. Using office pods for casual team discussions and daily meetings will help to minimise distractions for other workers.

Office pods are functional and stylish and make an excellent addition when planning office space.
To add office pods to your office, or for help planning office space, contact Vale Office Interiors.

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