How to design an office with limited space

Office workers today tend to spend many hours at their desks which means that designing an efficient and productive office space is more important than ever. Unfortunately, this work space is usually limited but this doesn’t mean that the limited space should affect your work in a negative way. If everything is designed in the best and most logical way, business owners can expect high productivity and satisfaction among their employees. Here are some of the steps that can help you design an office with limited space.

Use your IT equipment effectively

It may seem obvious but keeping your environment as paper-free as possible is sure to give you more space. However, it’s amazing how many organisations still use significant amounts of paper and manual files in their workplace. Using paper for anything that can come in electronic form is a waste of space. Instead of filling your cabinets and other pieces of office furniture with paper, rely on your computer. In this way you will save space, time and improve efficiency.

Office Furniture

Get the most from common areas

Many business owners make the same mistake and they limit their office design only to the cubicle or office space used by each employee. It doesn’t have to be like that because the entire building can be used for different purposes. For example, you can encourage employees to come out of their usual work area and work at different hot desks in the office. This should create a more collaborative environment.

Eliminate clutter

Eliminate clutter and understand the space you have. Clutter will limit the space, but it can also have negative impact on your efficiency. It’s fine to have a decoration or two, but your office is not some sort of shrine! Remove the items that you don’t need and always keep the items that you need in their place.

Support stand-up meetings

This is another good idea because some meetings don’t require a huge space and it often turns out that this practice unleashes more creativity. You are literally thinking on your feet!

Consider a smaller desk

In the past, a big desk was a symbol of power, but it’s not like that anymore. People today are more pragmatic and having a big desk today is completely impractical. Use a small work station instead and save the space for more important things in your office.

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