How to give your office a makeover

Companies that are looking for efficient and effective ways to boost their employees` morale should consider an office makeover. A workspace makeover is good for lifting spirits of the workers because it shows the employees that their needs are the company`s top priority. Here are some tips for creating a successful office makeover.


  • Make a good plan of your office. Just like urban planners plan different zones of the city, you should treat your office in the same way. Think about what you need and where it will look best – where should the break-out areas be?, where is the main working area?, where should meetings be held etc. Rearrange your office space so that it gives you zones for concentrating, socializing, collaborating and relaxing.
  • Your rearranged office should provide a welcoming environment both for workers and clients. By providing a relaxing, hospitality area you will send a message to your workers and clients that you care about them.
  • Get creative and encourage the employees to personalize their working space with their own decorations, photos, and other items. That way, the office will have a more pleasant atmosphere and will produce a positive vibe.
  • Provide quality furniture for your office. If there is quality furniture on which the employees can work, rest and relax, they will be much more efficient and productive in their work. Go for ergonomic furniture and you’ll reduce risk of back pain for your staff as well.
  • Incorporate different fun elements in the office. If the employees are happy in their environment, then they will also become better workers. Try to add some nice things in your office such as a comfortable lounge area where employees can take breaks or maybe a pool table or table tennis table where they can play during their free time.
  • Add stimulating colours in the office. Different colours can have a big effect on the mood of the employees. Paint some walls in bright colors to stimulate creativity, or go for blue and green colours to calm down the atmosphere and make them more productive. Red is ideal for spaces where intense work is required, or for tasks that require full focus and close attention to detail.

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