Make the right impression first time with an inspirational reception area

First impressions count, there is no escaping it – and if your reception area is looking a bit neglected be prepared for the message that sends.

Whether it is a new client visiting for the first time, customers coming into the building or potential employees arriving for an interview, the time they spend waiting in reception will be spent forming opinions – rightly or wrongly – about the company.

Faded carpets, poor light, scratched furniture, papers everywhere translates to disorganisation and inattention to detail.

On the other hand a bright, welcome, open space with a sweeping desk set at just the right height, all files and papers neatly stored, spells out ‘Welcome! We are here to do business – efficiently’.

Send the right message

Which message are you sending out? You may think you cannot afford the investment in sprucing up the office but can you afford to be sending the wrong message day after day?

The reason for welcoming customers into an office is not only to conduct business but to put a personal touch to a relationship – and give a deeper impression of what your company is about.

The office environment plays a huge part in this as visitors take a snapshot view of their surroundings. Staff looking comfortable in a welcoming environment sends a powerful message.

If your company needs to update its reception area the first place to start is by considering the impression that you want to convey. Serious? Contemporary? Friendly?

Choosing the right reception furniture

It’s surprising what messages the arrangement of furniture can send out and it is important to get it absolutely right.

Vale Office Interiors has a wealth of experience in helping businesses design an office that is exactly the right fit and we can work with you to design the perfect reception.

Classic or contemporary wooden finishes with integrated storage space and lockers can create a seamless blend to create a smooth reception area with no mess and no distractions.

Whether it is an impressive focal point or a traditional working set up that you need there is a solution to suit.

Working with Vale Office Interiors you can create a reception area that will bring the wow factor to clients and leave them in no doubt that they made the right choice.

To find out more about reception furniture solutions get in touch with Vale Office Interiors.

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