Making your office ergonomic

If you spend hours behind a desk and you have the wrong furniture, you run the risk of feeling back or neck pain and potentially developing longer terms problems. With proper, ergonomic furniture and good practice, you will be able to keep these problems at bay and have a healthy life in the office.

In order to remain healthy, every person that spends hours in front of a computer should be prepared to make some changes in their workspace. Here are a few tips:


Mouse and keyboard

Put the mouse in a place where you can reach it easily and close to the keyboard. These two items should be placed on the same surface. When using the mouse of keyboard, make sure to keep your wrists as straight as possible and to keep the upper arms as close as possible to the body. Instead of using your mouse, try to use the shortcuts found on your keyboard. You will save time and effort by doing this. If it’s possible, modify the mouse’s sensitivity to make its use simpler. Feel free to switch your hand if you feel that your other hand is getting tired.


The office chair plays one of the most important roles in this activity. You must select a chair that provides proper support to the spine. Modify the height of the chair and make sure that the feet are positioned flat on the ground without any problems. Position the armrests in a way which allows your shoulders to relax.


If you are using the phone on a regular basis and typing at the same time, put the phone on a speaker or buy a Bluetooth headset instead of curving your neck or head whenever you talk on the phone.


Take a close look at what’s going on below the desk and make sure you have enough space for the feet, thighs and knees. If the desk is very low and you can’t modify it, you can put blocks on the legs of the desk and make it higher.


Remember to put the monitor directly in front of you and about 40 inches from your face for optimum viewing.

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