Office Design Trends Predicted To Be Popular in 2016

We are already well into 2016 but it is never too late to refresh the look of your office space with some of the trending office designs. This is what the experts are saying will be popular this year:

1. More natural lighting

We are living in a digital age, but this doesn’t mean that people have forgotten how beautiful nature is. As a matter of fact, nature is the number one inspiration for many designers. In 2016, just like in the previous year, business owners will be looking to get the best combination of natural lighting and easily adjustable artificial lighting. In order to control natural lighting you will need better curtains or better blinds. When it comes to artificial lighting, LED lights are a must. In addition, you can also look for some of the latest technological advancements in the lighting industry (smart lighting).

2. Going green

Even though this is a not a brand new idea, in 2016 more and more offices will include greenery inside. By using natural light and plants in the office, you can expect to boost productivity in your workforce. But, it’s not all about the plants. You should try to include more natural materials in the furniture too – wooden flooring, wooden desks and chairs, stones in the walls etc. All of these will be popular this year.

3. Collaborative spaces

Instead of separating employees, you should try to bring them closer. This doesn’t mean forcing them to share one office. The basic idea is to create special collaborative spaces that can be used from time to time. Of course, in order to implement this concept you may need more office space or be a bit smarter about how you use your current environment.

4. Vivid colours

When we are talking about design, we can’t skip the colours. According to many experts, bright and vivid colours will mark 2016. This is quite logical because, as we said before, businesses are trying to make their employees and clients feel more comfortable when they are in their premises. Cold colours and cold design is no longer popular. Of course, you should limit the colour palette used in your office to just a few colours because otherwise it may look a bit over the top!

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