Office Interiors – Big Vision on a Small Budget

Everybody has a budget that they try and work to and when you’re planning a new office fit-out, refurbishment or looking to re-locate, that budget comes into sharp focus.

When you’re looking at office furniture and office design it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the range of choice that is available and how it might impact on budget. Different styles and materials, various tables, chairs, storage solutions, shelving, partitioning etc. Where and how is it all going to fit together and how will I get the best use out of the space available are all questions that will be buzzing around your head and how are you going to afford it all will be at the front of your mind.

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Office Design Birmingham Top Modern Office Design Trends of 2014

The office environment is changing. With more and more people being mobile and the explosion in social media, the office space has had to change to cope with the shift in dynamics, how people interact, and how modern teams now work.

This means no more working in silos and building office environments that encourage collaboration, co-working and making the most of the new technology that’s available. Here are some of the modern office trends of 2014 which are changing the way we work:

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