The Psychology of Colour in The Office

Colours in the office can affect us in many ways. They can affect our productivity and efficiency in our working space, and they can also affect our visitors in their perception of our company.

Colours also have the power to make us more or less emotional, efficient, responsive and productive. Check out the following colours and pick what you think will work best for your working space.

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Design Tips For a More Productive Office

A productive workplace can greatly benefit employees and can increase inspiration, creativity, and happiness. A cramped space can lead to poorer working conditions, lower work ethic, and can lower employee morale.

Our 4 design tips for a more productive office show how important it is to maximise office space to ensure workflow is efficient and workers are comfortable.

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Creating Unique Office Spaces

Whether you’re looking for some really funky office furniture for a large office space or on the look out for individual statement pieces that will make an impact then we can help.

Creating unique office spaces is about challenging the norm when it comes to office furniture, it’s about thinking outside of the box….or the workstation, and allowing your staff to mingle, interact, and collaborate; it’s about making meeting rooms more exciting to be in and being motivated by the wall art around you; and it’s about making the office an attractive and stimulating place to be. Vale Office Interiors can help you achieve these things and more.

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