The Importance of Choosing the Correct Office Chair

Many of us spend a lot of time in the office in sedentary roles often parked on our backsides! In light of this, choosing the correct office chair is probably one of the most important aspects of refurbishing your office. You need to make sure that you are comfortable and that your health is not compromised in any way. The design and ergonomics of your office chair are a primary consideration so here’s a few pointers on what to look out for:

Lumbar Support – you need a chair that’s going to give your lower back support. Backache is one of the biggest reasons for office sickness in the UK so it makes sense to choose a chair that supports your back as much as possible.

Adjustability – the more adjustable the chair the better. We all come in different shapes and sizes so ideally you need a chair that you can adjust for arm height and width, seat back width and height, seat and back angle and tension control.

Wheel Base – your chair needs to have wheels on the base so that you have good mobility around your office workstation and that you don’t have to strain to reach things. If your office is carpeted or has a laminate floor, then it’s possible to get a chair with wheels that are specifically designed for either surface.

Swivel Base – your chair should have a swivel base so that you can access all parts of your desk and workstation with ease without having to extend your reach too often.

Material/Cushioning – your chair should be sufficiently cushioned to provide comfort without feeling the base of the chair. It should also be made of a material that is resilient and doesn’t become hot and uncomfortable after hours of sitting. A memory seat foam or reflex foam can also create better posture.

Bespoke seating

We specialise in all types of ergonomic chairs and adaptations. These can suit all users with or without disabilities. Our special consultation and measuring service will ensure that the correct chair will be designed to your exact requirements. Incorporating lumbar supports and air cells, specialist chair bases for wheelchair users to ease transfer from wheelchair to the computer chair.

Ultimately a good office chair will make you more productive and less prone to back strain and other related conditions.

If you need any advice about office chairs in and would like to discuss the various options available then please give us a call.

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