The importance of good office layout

The layout of your office can directly affect the performance of your employees. If you are thinking about office redesign, you should first take the nature of the tasks your employees conduct into consideration. If the office design is optimised, you can get a high level of functionality and comfort.

A good office layout is focused on creating groups of employees that share similar job responsibilities. For example, if you have employees that work on invoices, they should be placed close to the accounting department. Before you make any changes in the design, try to think about the groups of employees you can create. The basic objective is to make this space more convenient for everyone.

Of course, the efficiency of the workplace is very important too. When it comes to offices, efficiency means easy access to tools and equipment required to finish tasks. Every workspace must have enough room to organise and store documents and files. The efficiency can be increased with the use of suitable lighting and comfortable ergonomic chairs and desks. The workstations should be placed close to the office equipment that is used the most such as fax machines, copiers, printers, scanners etc. While we are talking about efficiency, it’s also worth pointing out that supervisors that have desks positioned at the back compared to the position of their staff tend to be more efficient because they can easily monitor and analyse their work.


When people are thinking about their office layout they often have the same dilemma – whether they should use open plan or private spaces? First of all, it is usually possible to have a combination of the two (except in very small spaces). According to some office surveys, more than 75% of companies are using (or planning) open space layout. However, if the nature of the activity of your employees demands a greater level of concentration, then opting for private spaces is often smarter.

Finally, communal spaces in office layouts guarantee better communication and better cooperation among employees.

These spaces should be placed close to the work areas. For breakout areas, where people can take their lunch etc, it is better to place these away from the main work area so that there is no noise disruption to the office.

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