The Psychology of Colour in The Office

Colours in the office can affect us in many ways. They can affect our productivity and efficiency in our working space, and they can also affect our visitors in their perception of our company.

Colours also have the power to make us more or less emotional, efficient, responsive and productive. Check out the following colours and pick what you think will work best for your working space.

  • White

White represents clean space. It is a safe and standard option for any workplace. However, white sometimes can be uninspiring and dull. White looks best on wider spaces and larger offices.

  • Black

Black absorbs the light, so it’s not always the best option for offices. However, when used in combination with other colours, it can add some elegance and luxury to the working space.

  • Purple

Purple is a colour associated with luxury, mystery, loyalty, ambition and royalty. A Blend of dark and light purple can give a luxuriant appearance to your office.

  • Green

Green reflects nature and is a calming colour. Green walls work well in quieter offices where you need the time to think and reflect.

  • Blue

Blue is a deep, relaxing colour. It eases the mind from pressure, so it is beneficial for more crowded offices.

  • Red

Red raises the energy levels and blood pressure. However, due to the raised levels of energy it can create headaches. It is best used for furnishings in dynamic office spaces.

  • Yellow

Yellow works best in places with lots of workers. Bright yellow tones raise the optimism and positive attitude in people.

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