Tips to keep your office on trend

Offices are essentially functional environments – a place to get the job done – but creating a creative environment and impressing visitors can be just as important.

Visitors walking into a jaded, dated office could be left with that impression of the company too, whether that is justified or not.

Faded paint, office furniture that is no longer fit for purpose, a poor use of space and piles of unfiled paper can all too easily send the message that a company is not willing to invest in its workforce, lacks attention to detail and is stuck in the past.

None of this is good for business. Contrast this with a minimalist office that is light, airy and has well used space with ergonomic chairs and splashes of colour. The message here is cutting edge, tidy and effective.

The look of your office should to some extent reflect the values of your workplace.

Tapping into the latest trends will help your office to retain a contemporary edge and present a fresh, creative atmosphere for workers and visitors.

Tips to keep your office on trend

While completely refitting an office to always fit in with the latest trend is largely impractical a few simple tricks can help to keep your office looking up to date.

Keep it simple – Some trends will last years, others six months, so be aware that heavy patterns and bold designs are much more likely to fall out of favour and age faster. Neutrals always look good and can be dressed up with art prints to add a cutting edge.

Take inspiration from nature – the world is becoming more eco-conscious and this will only grow. Incorporating elements of the natural world into the office, such as plants to help purify the air and wooden fittings will have a long term appeal as well as genuinely improving the office atmosphere.  

Introduce on trend colours – greys have been popular for a number of years now and continue to be the ‘neutral’ of choice. Each year trendsetters reveal various colours of the year, such as Pantone which announced ‘living coral’ to be its shade for 2019. Against a largely neutral background splashes of colour work well, particularly in meeting rooms and reception areas where you are looking to make an impact.

Show you care – constantly making changes to enhance the worker experience is always fashionable. An emphasis on employee wellbeing reflects a modern attitude that can be demonstrated through the introduction of breakout zones and quiet working areas.

Keeping office furniture up to date is important to the welfare of staff as well as the impression your office makes on visitors.

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