What difference does colour make in your office decor?

OK, some may see these kinds of analytics as only so much pie in the sky. But actually there is plenty of serious academic-based evidence to say that colour can make an absolute world of difference in the workplace.

Colour can influence mood, attitude, and productivity level. It can dictate whether a workforce is agitated or happy. It can calm and it can irritate.

Think about it, we would never slap any old colour on the wall at home, or casually choose the first sofa in the showroom regardless of its hue, so why should work be any different when it comes to choosing office design?

The effects of colour

So what influence can we expect from different colours? Green and blue are, it is said, the colours of calm – green especially can counter eye strain.

Citrus colours such as yellow and orange are more stimulating. They have a natural warmth, which makes people feel comfortable and welcomed. In that environment, they are productive, and open to expressing both themselves and new ideas.

Red takes that to another level, although deeper reds can begin to deliver a darkness that can, to some, feel mildly oppressive. Red is often best used in small doses, as a complement to a design rather than a full-on design foundation.

Black and grey can similarly make some people feel slightly overwhelmed. They stifle lightness of atmosphere and are not colours for creative environments.

At the opposite extreme, white is similarly lacking in stimulatory value, although can be handy to make a space look bigger.


Sounds like a minefield? Well, yes, it can be. But thankfully, you can test different office colour combinations on yourself by talking to experts at Vale Office Interiors.

They have the knowledge to understand the nature of your business and complement its needs. They will listen and come up with a range of interiors options to suit your business. They will point you in the direction of diverse colour options such as can be found with innovative seating or even something as simple as screens.

Remember, this is no small decision. Productivity and happiness of employees is at stake – and, therefore, the future of your business. Speak to the team on 01386 442244.


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