What Does Intelligent Office Design Mean?

If you’re planning a refurb or moving to new offices then you need to invest a bit of time thinking about intelligent office design. So often with office moves, you need great Office Design Tips because things are done at the last minute, great ideas don’t get implemented and everything is a bit of an afterthought.

Intelligent design is the opposite of all these things! It’s about taking the time to think through what you need, putting a plan together, creating a budget and project managing the whole process. When you’re planning a new office you need to think about:

  1. Who will be working there?
  2. How many will be working there?
  3. What kind of work will they be doing?
  4. How will people collaborate with each other?
  5. Where will meetings be held?
  6. How many managers/directors offices are you going to need?
  7. Will the public come into your offices?
  8. How does the colour and design of your office need to fit in with your branding?
  9. What impression are you trying to make?
  10. How can you maximise on productivity?
  11. Where will all the equipment, telecoms, computers go?
  12. What kind of storage do you need?
  13. What kind of furniture do you need?

And so the list goes on. If these things aren’t thought through properly you can often end up with office space and furniture that might meet the here and now, but it doesn’t take into account how the office may need to change in the future. This is where it pays to work with a professional office interior company. A good office interior company will make sure that you have thought of every question and future-proofed your plan as much as possible. By doing this you will end up with the office you want and not the office you could have had.

At Vale Office Interiors we eat, sleep and breathe intelligent office design. Contact us now to pick our brains!

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