Working on greatness: Offices of the famous

Many great ideas are formulated behind a desk – and some of these go on to become known across the world, so what exactly do the offices of famous people look like?

Just like everyone else famous people can thrive in the midst of disorganised chaos, or excel in a minimalist clutter-free office.

The other thing that is noticeable when having a look at the offices of the rich and famous is that these offices are not always the opulent, zany or indulgent spaces you might expect.

Many are care-worn and functional, while occasionally they even share a workspace.

Monitors and choice of computer add an interesting detail too. Many entrepreneurs choose multiple screens to boost productivity and effectiveness, while laptops are quite often featured instead of desktop computers – obviously enabling a work on the go approach.

A world famous office

Perhaps the most famous and instantly recognisable office is the White House’s Oval Office where symbolism plays a big part and the cameras are regularly invited in. Suitably statesman-like and traditional, the central wooden desk is complimented by comfy sofas for the many meetings held in the president’s office.

Getting creative

Writer’s offices have always been a source of public fascination. The combination of a creative space matched by a need for study and a space to write/ type opens up many possibilities. In reality what we usually see are heavily stacked bookshelves and a very uniform writing desk, varying degrees of sticky notes quite often complete the picture.

Fans of a tidy desk and office set-up include children’s author Jacqueline Wilson, while Martin Amis also opts for a traditional desk and bookshelves combination in a room full of character and personal touches.

A modern take for tech titans

While most high-level business is completed behind closed doors technology entrepreneurs have brought a new level of fame and interest to business. The offices of these tech titans are always fascinating.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes his place at a standard wooden desk in an open plan office amongst the social media network’s other employees. Neat, organised and using a laptop it certainly is a modest office.

Apple’s Steve Jobs was another fan of minimalism that reflects in the clean lines of the brand. A snapshot of the Apple founder in his home office reveals a simple approach with a standard desk, although this is backed by packed bookshelves and stacks of papers.

While many public personas carry out their business on the go, someone, somewhere will be storing, accounting and typing on their behalf. 

Those public figures who share the workings of their office reveal the things that we all need to work efficiently are a desk and storage. Put the basics in place and the world is your oyster.

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