How adding a breakout zone can boost employee’s job satisfaction

History has taught us that happy staff make loyal staff – and a loyal workforce lay the groundwork for a successful company.

A big factor in nurturing a positive staff attitude is showing that employees are appreciated by making sure they have access to the amenities they need – and are able to take breaks when needed.

Taking care of the details when it comes to staff welfare ensures higher job satisfaction, which in turn should promote higher productivity levels.

The ability to take regular, quality breaks is an important factor in job satisfaction – but not all offices lend themselves to offering a place to get away from the buzz of the office.

Promoting screen breaks

Breakout zones are becoming an increasingly important part of modern open plan offices giving workers a chance to get away from their desk for a proper break.

After all a break sat at the desk reading the news or catching up on social media is in effect no break at all – staring at a screen in the same position all day is no good for the posture, eyes or mind.

Using well-designed acoustic furniture employers can enable employees to take a quality break from their job.

High-backed acoustic chairs can be incorporated into the corner of a room, allowing workers to take five with a cup of tea when they need space to think or refresh themselves. Comfortable and well designed acoustic chairs block out the surrounding sound to create a divide with the noise of the office.

Cut out the noise to create a meeting space

Likewise an acoustic hub could be added to an office to cover a multitude of uses, including use as a private meeting space, a cosy lunch area or an informal discussion area.

When there are times that workers need privacy acoustic office furniture can easily provide that without the need to leave the office.

Just the action of walking across the room and cutting off from a work project can help to ease stress, which is becoming a growing problem in the workforce generally.

Shut out the noise with acoustic office furniture

A comfortable area to rest and shut off from work for even just a few minutes can really make a difference to a stressed worker.

Breakout zones also provide an ideal base for managers to discuss any concerns about workload or stress without the need to move to a formal environment, such as a closed office, to keep conversations on an informal and friendly level.

Open plan offices don’t need to be overpowering. Add a breakout zone using tailored acoustic furniture to give staff a comfortable escape from their screens when they need it most.

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