Enjoy the best of both worlds with practical AND stylish office furniture

The idea of form over function has limited scope in a workplace where ergonomics and efficient use of space rule, but with the latest purposefully designed stylish office furniture you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Practical and good looking, the latest offerings from leading brands allow workspaces to introduce additional functionality with a contemporary edge. 

Design-led open plan working spaces benefit from investment in design that aims to enhance the office environment for workers and visitors. 

Acoustic seating, standing desks, pods and bar-style working have all made a positive impact on the workplace by encouraging positive work habits. 

But importantly they also look good and this sort of stylish office furniture helps to create an office environment that is attractive to new clients and new starters – as well as existing staff. 

Introducing functional and stylish office furniture to your business

Whether you are setting up a new office from scratch, extending your current workspace, updating your office furniture or reworking the office layout, functional and stylish office furniture should play a part. 

Consider the layout that you want, what sort or environment and look you want to create, and the needs of workers. 

With that initial basic office design there may be ways that functional, stylish office furniture could help to maximise the space that you have and offer contemporary solutions that may not initially be obvious.  

Benefits of functional, stylish office furniture 

Acoustics control – Acoustic office furniture is a fantastic way to add an extra dimension to your office space. Large, stylish and contemporary high-backed chairs can provide discreet and comfortable meeting places while den-style acoustic work areas facilitate private working, team meetings and even break out areas. 

Bar style office furniture – flexible working has a huge appeal to many workers who enjoy the freedom to move around while at the office. Encouraging creativity and productivity, tall stools and bar-style worktops allow workers to gather together or work in a less formal setting,

Soft seating – traditional boardroom tables and formal desks have given way to a more informal way of working in many offices to help nurture creativity and productivity. Comfy yet stylish office furniture really can make the office a home from home.

Standing desks – with concern growing about the impact of sitting for long periods of time health conscious workers and bosses should welcome the introduction of standing desks – another great example of functional and stylish office furniture. 

When designing your office space unleash your imagination and create a workplace that looks great and works hard with functional, stylish office furniture. 

Vale Office Interiors stocks a wide range of functional, stylish office furniture and can help you to design your perfect office space. 

To find out more, get in touch with Vale Office Interiors today.

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