The importance of a posture-focused chair

We spend a lot of time in office chairs, more so than we spend on the settee or in a favourite armchair at home. And yet it’s so easy to accept what you’re given and barely give it a second thought.

As errors go, this is a large one. Days, months and years sat in an unsuitable chair, at odds with your body, can lead in the long-term to prolonged skeletal and muscular damage. They say, ‘don’t take your work home with you’, and yet here we are with it engrained into every fibre. You are taking that damage home with you every day.


A pain in the spine

Back in the day, row after row of office workers were given seating that had no other purpose than a place to sit whilst at the grind. No-one was concerned about posture. You went to work, sat down and got on with it. Raise an issue about the seat you’d been given and you’d be laughed out of a job.

Thankfully, times have moved on. Awareness about the long-term posture needs of a good office chair has never been higher. Firms put staff comfort high on the list of requirements. Their reasons aren’t entirely altruistic. If an employee is off work with a bad back then they are essentially paying for an empty desk. It’s a situation that is in no-one’s interests.

What can be done?

Thankfully, office furniture makers and suppliers have never been better informed about posture.

They manufacture and stock a vast range of affordable chairs to match the needs of the modern workforce. They also deliver extra cushioning and foot rests for those who require something a little more specialist.

Benefits for company as well as staff

Undoubtedly, staff appreciate an employer who has their interests at heart, and are liable to be more loyal and harder working.

Similarly, if a company is seeking to impress potential clients, it never hurts to show that it is respectful to workers’ health. Poor office furniture often leaves an equally poor impression on outsiders.

Invest in your future

Take a look what’s out there. It can make all the difference to productivity. At the same time you are investing in the future. Why employ staff and see them go sick? Help them and they will help your future.


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