What are the benefits of height adjustable desks?

We should all know by now that a sedentary lifestyle is not good for us but when it comes to working in an office it can be hard to avoid sitting down for long periods of time. 

Height adjustable desks are the solution to the problem by allowing workers to rest their legs – and stretch their legs – without having to keep abandoning their work. 

While many employers and employees have the best intentions at heart the reality of finding time to step away from the desk can be quite different. 

If an employee is mid-way through a report and working to a strict deadline it is unlikely that they will want to break off for a five-minute stroll around the block instead of pushing on and getting the job finished.

Likewise from an employer’s point of view, regular screen breaks should be encouraged but there is a limit to how much time a member of staff can spend away from their desk and still get the job done. 

A height adjustable desk offers the best of both worlds allowing employees to sit and stand while they work – and obviously still enjoy some fresh air during their break. 

How does a height adjustable desk work?

A height adjustable desk allows the worker to choose at what height they want to work; in the main whether they want to stand or sit down. There are a number of different designs but these all support the desk in easily rising and falling into the ideal working position for an individual. 

The major benefit of a height adjustable desk is that it allows employees to alternate between sitting and standing allowing them to be flexible in their working position. 

As working in a set, sitting position has been proven to problematic in musculoskeletal issues and a cause of back pain this is an excellent way to help to protect the health of employees. 

In addition, moving into a standing position will help to exercise different muscles and can aid productivity by refreshing the environment.

In addition to allowing workers to stand, a height adjustable desk can also allow workers to more closely align the desk to their ideal seated position instead of adapting to a one-size fits all static desk. 

With standing as well as sitting at work being shown to be better for all-round health, height adjustable desks make a worthwhile addition to office furniture

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