Boost your Office with a New Look

The office is an environment that continues to evolve and with the injection of a bit of passion and creativity you can turn it into a space that not only boosts productivity but a space that lifts the mood of staff and visitors alike.

So how do you go about giving your office the kind of face lift that makes it feel new and exciting again?

There are any number of things you can do and here are a few tips for you to consider:

Let there be light…and colour – the more light and colour there is in your office, the happier people will be. Try to make the best use of the natural light you have available and inject some colour into the room. Bright reds, purples and yellows will make your office look fun and studies show that colourful environments inspire creativity. We’re not talking about going completely psychedelic! The use of bright colours in open spaces can bring your office to life and take away the ‘corporate’ feel.

Create Hot Desking – people are constantly on the move these days and social media is also changing the way people work. Creating desking for anybody to use when they’re in the office and investing in stand-up desks and tables will encourage people to move about the office, collaborate more and also get a bit of exercise!

Wall art and inspirational quotes – using exciting wall art and inspirational quotes to break up the wall space will create talking points and give your staff and visitors something interesting to feast their eyes on.

Breakout spaces – your staff need a place to escape routine, take their lunch, and engage with colleagues. Creating breakout rooms and spaces gives them the room to do this and it can also help to foster collaboration.

Bespoke furniture – having desks, chairs, filing systems, cupboards, storage etc that fit in with your office space and gives you the functionality that you need is an absolute necessity. Having office furniture tailored to your specific requirements and complementing the colour palette of your office will make the space look contemporary and give you a leading-edge look.

These are just some of the tips that will give your office a boost. At Vale Office Interiors we are specialists in all aspects of office design and office furniture in Cheltenham, Evesham and across the Cotswolds. Contact us now if you need any advice for your office interior.

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