Modern Office Design Tips

In the past, the word office or workplace in general was often related to some unattractive, cluttered space where people didn’t like to spend any additional time other than what was necessary to get the job done. It all started more than 150 years ago, with the process of industrialisation when owners didn’t care much about the conditions in which their employees were working. Luckily, modern business owners have realised that the safety and comfort of their employees directly affect their productivity. In addition, by creating a good working environment, they can be rest assured that their employees will remain loyal, happy and healthy. So, what exactly can each manager or business owner do in order to create such an atmosphere? Follow these modern office design tips to find out.

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The Psychology of Colour in The Office

Colours in the office can affect us in many ways. They can affect our productivity and efficiency in our working space, and they can also affect our visitors in their perception of our company.

Colours also have the power to make us more or less emotional, efficient, responsive and productive. Check out the following colours and pick what you think will work best for your working space.

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Importance Of The Reception Desk In Any Office

A reception desk is a very important element for every company. This desk is placed in an area where employees first meet with potential new clients and existing customers. In light of this, the reception area and the reception desk are the focal points in this area and are crucial for the first impression that prospective and existing clients get for your company. This is why investing in a good reception desk is a smart idea.

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Design Tips For a More Productive Office

A productive workplace can greatly benefit employees and can increase inspiration, creativity, and happiness. A cramped space can lead to poorer working conditions, lower work ethic, and can lower employee morale.

Our 4 design tips for a more productive office show how important it is to maximise office space to ensure workflow is efficient and workers are comfortable.

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A Quick Guide to Office Ergonomics

To give your best at work and to work in a more effective manner you need to stay fit and healthy. Many office workers face a lot of back aches in the workplace because their posture while sitting at work is not correct. Sitting for long hours at work may cause you to feel aches and pains so here are a few tips to help you feel comfortable while you work and keep you free from problems, even after a long and tiring day.

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The Importance of Breakout Areas in the Office

Forward thinking companies have really latched on to the idea of creating breakout areas in the office. Breakout areas aren’t just a buzzword in the industry or the company paying lip service to health and safety (although that is an excellent reason for having them!). Far from it; organisations are increasingly seeing the benefit of giving their teams a bit of space to chill out and contemplate and having these spaces has proven to create better cross-functional relationships and collaboration.

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Create an Impression with Your Office Furniture

Creating that all-important first impression with your clients is something that choosing the right office furniture can do. From the reception area to the conference rooms, the style and layout of your office together with the range of office furniture you select will create a perception of your organisation. It’s important that this reflects your business and says the right thing about you, if you want to secure a business relationship with your potential clients.

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Why Choose Adapt® By Ergochair

Choosing the correct office chair is probably is one of the most important aspects of furnishing your office. Ensuring that everybody is comfortable and that there is no detrimental affect on your staff’s health by long periods of sitting is of key importance. With this in mind, the design and ergonomics of your office chairs have to be a primary consideration. This is why the Adapt® range of workplace seating by Ergochair comes highly recommended.

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Office Relocation Planning

Moving office can be incredibly stressful with lots of things to think about. Things such as when should you start planning, how to set a realistic budget, organising the right furniture and how to best utilise your new space can be daunting to say the least.

This is where Vale Office Interiors can help you. We can support you with every aspect of your office relocation including office design planning and furniture planning.

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