Could more privacy help to increase office productivity?

Open plan offices have become the most popular workspace – but for some, privacy is the only way they can achieve their best work.

The open plan office certainly helps to promote collaborative working and opens up communication across workers, teams and departments.

It is also a very cost-effective way to establish a company, enabling more complete use of the space.

However, there are drawbacks to the open plan office – in particular the lack of privacy.

In studies workers have recorded fairly high levels of dissatisfaction with working in an open plan office.

Issues include:

  • Excessive noise
  • Difficulty in dealing with confidential issues
  • Increased sickness rates
  • Constant distractions

There is a genuine concern that working in open plan offices can impact the mental health of workers negatively as they become frustrated by noise levels and find themselves unable to concentrate.

Introverted workers in particular struggle in an open plan office, where phone calls and conversations are magnified.

The bottom line is that productivity is affected. While unhappy workers struggle to work at their full potential, constantly disrupted workers are actively being hampered from doing so.

How screen can help workers struggling in an open plan office

If staff complain about distractions, noise and a lack of privacy just a few changes could help, such as:

  • Introducing screens
  • Modular office space
  • Acoustic hubs for quiet working

Introducing screens is a quick way to introduce a level of privacy for workers. While allowing open team communication workers will crucially also feel as though they have their own space.

Screens can be arranged in a number of ways to create private pockets around an office.

A modular screen system can also be used in a number of inventive ways to help workers enjoy improved privacy at their desk or to create private areas for meetings or to make phone calls.

These systems can even be used to make small office spaces within a main office.

Use acoustic office furniture to shut out noise

Acoustic solutions are ideal for offices where the level of noise is problematic, which is often something that cannot be avoided in busy customer service or sales departments.

Acoustic office furniture will provide a sanctuary from the noise by being design to decrease and block out it out. Again the modular nature of this furniture makes it suited to a number of purposes including privacy hubs, meeting areas and creating desk booths.

Office screens provide an economical way to introduce privacy to the office without putting up walls and doors.

If your staff are concerned by distractions, noise and a lack of privacy consider making small changes that will give them peace of mind – and hopefully increase productivity.

For more information on introducing screens or acoustic furniture to your office contact Vale Office Interiors.

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