Get your office organised to boost productivity

The power of good organisation should not be underestimated – after all if everything is exactly where it should be it makes getting the job done a lot quicker.

This rule applies to offices just as well as to the home and a well organised workforce should hopefully also be a productive workforce.

As well as structural organisation it is important to consider physical organisation in the office – using the right office furniture to provide the storage needed and to create a convenient seating arrangement.

Is office storage a problem?

If you find workers complain of losing information, finding documents difficult or struggling to contact relevant members of staff it could be time to re-organise and update your office.

Piles of papers on floors and desks, filing cabinets stuffed to bursting and poorly arranged desks are not only difficult to work around but send the wrong message to staff.

The start of the year is an excellent time to rearrange office furniture and invest in storage or desks that will give provide much-needed space – and the capacity to keep files tidy.


Tips to consider when re-organising office furniture

  • Re-design desk layouts and seating to put relevant departments/ workers closer to each other to improve communication
  • Invest in additional storage make paperwork easier to access/ file away
  • Introduce additional storage or move existing office storage closer to workers/ departments who require most access
  • Invest in larger desks to allow workers to use multiple screens or to improve personal storage space
  • Introduce a meeting hub in the office to stop workers having to leave the office for meetings or to meet clients

If workers can use a storage system directly next to their desk rather than travelling to a different floor it could make a huge difference in the time simple tasks take.

Likewise investing in improved, modern desks will not only let workers feel valued but will offer them the much needed space to multi-task and keep files at hand rather than constantly digging them out.

Redesign your office space

Get started by considering the functionality of your office design and whether it could be improved. Ask staff what would help them to save time and what changes they would like to see – you may just be surprised.

Bringing an added emphasis to office organisation by redesigning the space you have should help to freshen up attitudes and save time, bringing increased productivity.

For help redesigning your office space or in selecting office storage or desks please contact Vale Office Interiors.

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