Top tips for creating a motivational office space

A welcoming environment at work is important to maintain motivation, even more so when the January blues take hold.

In recent years, Blue Monday has been identified as the most depressing day of the year – and this year it falls on January 21.

Usually the third Monday in January, Blue Monday is supposed to be the day when we are at our lowest ebb after all the enjoyment of the festive season.

This takes into account the weather, debt levels, failed New Year’s resolutions and poor motivational levels.

While there may be some debate over the formula behind the theory, there is no doubt that companies should do all that they can do maintain motivation among workers to drive greater results.

Creating the right office environment is essential to fostering a positive can-do attitude, after all dimly-lit rooms with worn out furniture will never send the best message to workers.

Tips for creating a motivational office environment

Create breakout areas

Enabling staff to work away from their desk is an excellent way to boost energy and creativity. If workers can take laptops to a breakout zone to work while having a coffee it can break a cycle of frustration.

Encourage team work

Sharing ideas and working together on projects in a relaxing environment can be a highly productive way to work. If workers feel relaxed and comfortable their motivation levels will increase. Introduce informal meeting areas to make team work easier.

Make the most of natural light

If your office is blessed with a natural light source make the most of it. It is no secret that daylight has a huge impact on mood, so where possible make sure that desks are positioned to maximise the light.

Introduce plants

Plants will not only improve the air quality and brighten up the office, they have been shown to improve motivation. A study found that plants increased staff motivation by up to 15 per cent and had a positive impact on employee’s quality of life.

Allow privacy

There are moments when everyone needs some quiet time and being able to break away from the buzz of the office is important to allow employees to achieve certain tasks and gather their thoughts. Quiet areas with acoustic furniture or sound proof booths can really help in an open plan office.

Designing an office space that nurtures a motivational mindset will bring rewards through improved productivity and happier employees.

Considering what will support motivation when designing an office will help employees avoid the motivational dips that sap energy and creativity.

For information on designing a new office space, adding acoustic furniture or introducing a breakout zone get in touch with Vale Office Interiors.

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