Is your training area fit for purpose?

Training is essential to the progression of not just employees but organisations as a whole – but are your facilities up to the job?

Locating the ideal space for training is much more than finding an empty room with some chairs.

To be a rewarding experience for both the staff and those leading the training sessions the right equipment needs to be in place within a comfortable environment.

For specialist training providers offering courses to either individuals or to outside companies the standards may be expected to be even higher.

A dedicated training room

To make sure that your staff or clients are getting the most out of their training and finding it an enjoyable experience it could be time to upgrade your training facilities.

With a greater emphasis on technology, old meeting rooms may no longer be able to support the needs of presentations or interactive meetings.

Make sure that you are able to offer:

  • A working projector complete with laptop connections
  • Easily accessible power points for the training coordinator and participants
  • Good Wi-Fi
  • Printing facilities
Why comfort is important in a training room

Comfort is also an important consideration, particularly if participants will be seated listening for any length of time. A comfortable seat and desk at the right height will make a huge amount of difference to concentration levels.

As many training schemes see participants using their laptops, making sure that desk are well suited from an ergonomic stance as well being close to cables and plugs is important.

With a view to maintaining concentration and comfort access to a breakout area is also an important consideration.

Employees and customers taking part in training will benefit from regular breaks with access to food and drink, so either incorporating this into the room or adding a breakout area nearby is worth considering. 

The layout of a training room should always provide for the adaptability required for dynamic training, including space for desks when needed as well as an open space for role-play activities and team-building exercises.

Make sure that your employees and customers get the most out of their training with a training room that exceeds expectations.

Speak to the experts about designing a training room

To design a training room or upgrade your existing training facilities in a commercial environment get in touch with the team Vale Office Interiors – call 01386 442244.

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