What To Look For When Buying Office Desks

Gone are the days when office desks served purely functional purposes. Today, desks can elaborate and they come in a lot of shape, sizes, designs and configurations. While older desk designs retain their traditional touches, the new ones are modular in nature. Looking for an office desk may not be as easy as you think it is, especially with the sheer number of choices that you have! So, of course, it is important to do some research and think about how you want your office desk to be in order to be able to purchase the right office desks without any hassle or fuss.

Shopping for the right office desks is important because it drastically affects the efficiency of the worker. After all, when the employees are given the right desk, it is much easier for them to do work at that desk. When it comes to office desks, you have two choices: you can either opt for a pre-made/readymade desk or you can go for a custom-built one. The following are the features that you should pay attention to when buying office desks:


This is probably the most important feature to think about to when you are purchasing office desks because it is highly important that you get the size right. An office desk that is too large would take up unnecessary amounts of space and make the office space look cramped while an office desk that is too small would be difficult to work with as there isn’t be enough desk space. Thus, if necessary, you should measure the available space you have in your office and then based on this, you can figure out the ideal dimensions of your office desks.


While U-shaped or L-shaped desks may have very appealing designs, they can prove to be an issue in a smaller office. When it comes to office desks, unconventional shapes can be selected only if you have enough space and if they would go with the décor. Contrary to the popular misconception, an office desk with an uncommon shape is not necessarily going to be better than the classic rectangular desk, so when in doubt always go for conventional office desks which are high on functionality and does not take up a lot of room either!


The average height of office desks is around thirty inches or 75 centimetres. The ideal height for a work desk is one that allows you to rest your elbow at a 90 degree angle while keeping the upper arm in line with the torso. You will know that the desk is the right height when you are able to rest your hands comfortably on the desk. Now, one height definitely does not work for all because the heights of the employees are going to be different. Therefore, you can either go for adjustable office desks or chairs in order to make sure that each and every employee is seated comfortably and can adjust the height of the desk or chair according to his or her preferences.

Cable Management Features

These days, it is very difficult to operate without computers in the office as these machines are one of the primary requirements of the modern office. Now, if you are going to have computers in your office then your office desks definitely need to have cable management features. In order for a desk to look tidy, it does not just have to offer great ergonomics but it should have great wire management features as well. This way, the desk won’t look cluttered with wires and instead will look fairly minimal while carefully and neatly arranging the cables or cords and hiding them from sight.


No office desk would be complete without drawers! If you want highly functional office desks then you certainly can’t ignore the drawers. In order to score additional brownie points, go for the office desks that come with drawers with locks. This way, the employees will be able to store confidential documents and items securely and block others’ access to them. Since visual promotion is very important these days, the drawers should look good on the desks and blend in seamlessly with the desk design instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.


If you are investing in office desks then it is obvious that you want to purchase desks that are durable and tough. Since office desks can come at a high cost, it is only right that they should last a long time, otherwise your money would be going down the drain. Thus, when you are choosing a desk for your office, you should ensure that the desk is made out of strong materials so that it can hold the weight of whatever you place on top of it. Office desks made out of wood and metal are your best bets if you want desks that score high on the durability factor.

Leg Space

Although this feature is commonly ignored, there is no denying the fact that it is a very important feature. An ideal office desk is one that offers adequate leg space so that the employee don’t have to suffer from inadequate space and frequent leg cramps due to lack of room to stretch out their legs comfortably. A desk with insufficient leg space often makes the user’s legs feel sore after using the desk for a couple of hours. Thus, you should choose a desk with sufficient amount of leg space to avoid all these problems.


Another very important factor that is never overlooked when people shop for office desks. Price or cost is definitely an important factor that simply cannot be ignored. Before you jump into the shopping process you should first determine your budget for buying office desks. When you have a rough idea of the cost you can go with for office desks you will dramatically narrow down your options, which should make it much easier for you to find the right desk.

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